Savage Grappling matches follow traditional BJJ point scoring: 4 for the mount, 4 for the back, 3 for a guard pass, 2 for a sweep, 2 for a take down, 2 for knee on stomach, and 2 for a solid submission attempt that was stopped out of bounds.

All positions must be held and controlled for 3 seconds.

There is no “Advantage” scoring.

A first penalty will result in a warning, a second penalty will result in the opponent being given 2 points, a third penalty will result in disqualification.

If a match finishes in a draw, the referee of the match will declare a winner by Referee Decision at their discretion.

A match will be deemed over immediately if a competitor taps out, screams, or verbally gives up during the match.


Competitors from every division will be pooled with opponents within their own division for an opportunity of getting up to 4 matches. this will be used to create a round robin format in divisions,

Depending on the number of competitors in each division and depending on the results, we might hold quarterfinals, semifinal, only finals, or in the case where Playoffs are not needed afterwards we will declare the top 3 competitors.

If a competitor has to forfeit some of his matches, due to injury, his opponent will be declared the winner unless we can match up competitors who were to face that opponent. Although we understand perfectly that competitors might have to forfeit matches, we expect competitors to complete all of their matches as respect to their opponents. For example, even though you lost your first three fights, if you refuse to compete in your fourth match not only are you passing out on the grappling experience we are offering you, but most importantly you are depriving your opponent of their experience as well.

Because of the round robin format, teammates might end up being matched against one another. We put extra effort on such a situation not happening, but depending on the number of competitors or teammates in a division, there might be no way to prevent it (Example: 5 competitors in a division but 2 of them are teammates). Although we encourage teammates to face each other, we also understand that some competitors might be adamant about not doing it. We will allow teammates not to face each other but we absolutely need a winner and a loser because of the round robin rankings.

In the case of tiebreakers, the following algorithm will be utilized in order: Most Wins > Most Submissions > Head To Head Match > Most Points Scored.

The time limit for every Adult matches in the tournament, including the round robin will be 5 minutes.

The time limit for every Teens matches in the tournament, including the round robin  will be 4 minutes

The time limit for every Kids matches in the tournament, including the round robin  will be 3 minutes.

 If a non approved technique is preformed by a competitor, the referee or decision maker will give a warning and/or a penalty. 

Permitted Submissions per Belt Level

Under 15

  • Straight arm locks

  • Chokes with kimono

  • Kimura/figure 4s

  • Rear naked choke

  • Triangle (Not Pulling Head)


Under 18

  • All above plus
  • Ezequiel choke
  • Omoplata

  • Arm triangle

  • Guillotine choke(on ground)

  • Triangle (Pulling Head)
  • Beginner White Belt

  • All above plus

  • Groin stretch

  • Straight foot lock

  • Standing Guillotine

  • Blue Belt (includes Juvenile Blue Belts).

  • All above plus

  • Wristlocks
  • Kneebar

  • Toe holds

  • Bicep/calf slice

  • Jumping full closed guard

  • Purple Belt

  • Knee Reaps (Nogi Only)

  • Foot/Leg Locks Turning Towards The Knee
  • Heel hook (Nogi Only)

    Brown and Black Belt

  • All above plus

  • Neck cranks

  • Twister

 What Can You Wear To Compete In

  •  The Gis will not be checked or measured before the tournament, but the Savage Grappling does have the right to ask a competitor to change his/her Gi if they judge it is inappropriate. 


  • Competitors can wear a rash guard under their gi. 


  •  For Nogi , athletes have to wear board shorts or lycra elastic pants without pockets or with pockets entirely stitched shut and reaching at least halfway down the thigh and at most to the knee.


  • Attached metal or plastic of any kind that may hurt the opponent is expressly forbidden on the board shorts.


  • Athletes also have to wear a rash guard or a shirt of elastic fabric (clings to body). This rash guard or shirt does not need to meet any colour requirements. Athletes cannot compete wearing a loose shirt of any kind.

Weigh ins For Gi Matches Include Competitor Wearing Gi